• Follow Forever: ARTISTS

    Since the majority of you follow me for my art, I’d like to share a Master List of all the artists I follow on tumblr :)

    They are all wonderful and very inspirational to me!! I can only dream about being on a similar level to them :D And yes, most of their art is Glee related. Also, some may not post their art very often but are still very much worth following!!! (Some just link to their deviantart too)





    katebatwomankaneplushkiwisundaykindjouteiasjsgfa | tealeafs

    z-tagadanimbaraesummerwoodluckypressurefiercezucchini | teadalek


    poringmaster | farahjaydenjahsasdf | pickupthepencil | thisdoesnotsuck

    communaut | mustachioedoctopus | avoidmynose

    I may or may not have forgotten some people. More people will be added in the future (and some will probably be repeated in other FFs) Do feel free to suggest some artists for me to follow!!!

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